Do You Need Private Financing for Residential, Investment or Commercial Real Estate but Can't Get the Terms You Want from Traditional Banks and Other Lenders?

It's not surprising. Capital markets are dislocated, and there is little hope in waiting for them to change. The indicators say that the dislocation will last for years to come.

Fortunately, you can move ahead expertly with Allstate Capital Group. We have the insight to see the value in residential, investment and commercial real estate - and invest in it. There's no reason for buyers to face rejection, complications, or unreasonable terms for their real estate capital needs. Put Allstate Capital Group's nationwide network to work for you today! Our approach is what you need it to be: prompt, professional, and flexible.

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Properties We Deal In

  • Apartment/Multi-family
    Single Family/Multi-family/Apartment
    1 to 20 Units, 21+ Units ...
  • Retail Business Loans
    Retail Properties
    Store, Clothing, Electronics...
  • Hotels & Motels
    Hotels & Motels
    Mobile food vendor financing.
  • Health Care Facilities
    Health Care Facilities
    Assisted Living, Congregate Care, Hospital ...
  • Industrial Buildings
    Industrial Buildings
    Manufacturing, Office-Warehouse ...
  • Office Buildings
    Office Buildings
    Business Condos, High Rise Building ...
  • Fitness Center Business Loans
    Gym-Health Club
    Fitness center financing.
  • Construction Loans
    New & Renovation.
  • Special Use Properties
    Special Use Properties
    Ice cream shop, car wash ...
  • Auto (Real Estate Based)
    Auto (Real Estate Based)
    Auto Malls / Dealerships, Parking Garages ...
  • Medical
    Medical Clinic, Rehabilitation Center ...
  • More Properties
    More Properties
    Church, Historic Rehabs ...